Overlay Process

Want to permanently cover up your old, and ugly existing concrete,or turn a plain-jane slab from drab into fabulous. With J&H DECORATIVE CONCRETE LLC., and MiracoteĀ  Overlay Systems. No longer does your old concrete, that has surface imperfections and surface discolorations, have to be torn out and replaced J&H Decorative Concrete will overlay your existing Driveway, Patio, Sidewalks, Basement Floors, Garage Floors. All our overlays are a Polymer-modified overlay that adhere very well to existing concrete and resist damage from salt, chemicals UV exposure, freeze-thaw cycle and abrasion. Overlays can be applied at a thickness of Ā¼ inch to 1 inch thick, and then colored and stamped, for a fraction of the cost of removal and replacement of your existing concrete. Overlays can be applied as thin as a credit card, and have a smooth finish, and then Acid Stained, this is a great product for finished basement floors, no more worries about water damage to your beautiful basement floor. Once overlays are completed they are sealed and treated like any other concrete surface, and need to be sealed every couple of years. Please contact J&H DECORATIVE CONCRETE LLC. To see if your existing concrete is suitable for a concrete overlay and explore all the different options and techniques that are available to you.