Stamped Concrete

Once the pattern and color of the job has been chosen the fun begins. Color is put into the concrete while concrete is still in the cement truck, this is done so that every layer of concrete is colored. Once the concrete is poured and allowed to set up, it is then time for the stamping process. A dry fine powder is than broadcast onto the surface of the concrete, this is called a release agent, and this is done so that the stamps will not stick to the surface of the concrete. The release agent also works as a second color, and is how the variations of color are achieved. Once the release agent is broadcast onto the surface of the concrete, the stamps are then placed onto the concrete and pressed into the surface of the concrete, to create the pattern of brick, stone, slate or whatever pattern you have chosen for your project. Once the concrete is allowed to cure for a day, the remaining release agent is than washed off with a power washer, and then saw cuts are put in, to keep the concrete from cracking.  The concrete is then allowed too completely dry and then sealed, with 2 coats of sealer to protect your new project. Once sealer is dry your concrete project is now ready to use. Contact J&H Decorative |Concrete LLC. For the latest patterns and color available, and to help you design the perfect stamped concrete for your project and help bring your dreams to reality.